Free energy from the sun

Anticipating the power of the sun as we await sunrise on a partly overcast sky on the ocean-front while enjoying the pristine nature and the salty breeze at a beach in Samal Island, Philippines.


Slowly rising, the sun gradually gives the power to sustain us for the day.
photography of sun glaring through the hole of finger
photography of sun glaring through the hole of finger

Harnessing the power of the sun is at the tip of our fingers!

Alternative clean energy source for the household

The modern household has been held hostage by the big power companies for quite some time now. Consumers are forced to pay the investment needed to generate and distribute electricity from the grid. This is because the investment is large and needs to be passed on to the consumers. Moreover, the monopolistic nature of the business brings with it inefficient operating tendencies that adds on to the cost. Also, most methods of generating electricity have not been friendly to the environment and thus bring more unseen cost not only to the local consumers but also to the world population in one way or another. Alternative clean energy solutions is the call for the modern man so that he can have a better quality of life now and make the environment more sustainable to future generations.