Solar Powerhaus is an alternative energy solutions firm. Our ideas and business concept started right after typhoon Haiyan (typhoon Yolanda) that brought tremendous devastation to central Philippines (particularly Tacloban City in Leyte) where thousands have persished and lost their homes. The survivors, for a time, were without basic amenities such as food, water and electricity. Food and water came in slowly but power was nowhere available until several months after.

It was only quite recent though that we mustered the courage to bring together this business. Resources and new insigths have appeared to bring the advocacy on alternative clean energy come to a more concrete undertaking. The business, we feel, is a sustainable way to make the advocacy real and alive.

At Solar Powerhaus, we understand the consumers' desire to lower the cost of electricity with processes that will not harm the environment. Lower energy cost and a more healthy environment make the quality of life better for everyone. It is our fervent belief that our ideas and solutions can change the way the households and communities live, both locally and globally.

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